Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chapter 1

Okkkk. So here goes at my first fan fiction i guess.. It's probably not that good. But leave me feedback whatever you think, tweet me: @GarysCoPilot

Chapter 1:

I hear a mumbling, a groan. I try to keep my eye's closed, i don't want to wake up yet. Did that actually happen? Did I dream it? Do i have to open my eyes? What's going to happen now. I can't open my eyes, not yet...

* * * *
3 Hours Earlier!
* * * *

"Gary! Wait. Please" i scream, chasing after him.
"Why now? Why today?" he stops, and turns around, looking at me, giving me the same puppy dog eyes, that i fell in love with years ago.

"I don't know. I, i..." I get cut off by Gary, talking over me.
"I'll tell you why Becca, because you don't want me to be happy. But still telling me this, today. On my wedding day, that's low, even for you. How could you do this me? Why didn't you tell me sooner? If this is how you really feel!" he snaps a little furrowing his brow.

I look at the floor at his feet, thinking to myself 'why didn't i tell him sooner?' but then again. He's Gary Barlow, a stunning man, a superstar. While I'm Rebecca Day, 27 Years old; a Dance Choreographer, i'm nobody special.

I met Gary during the comeback tour, as i help'd choreograph some of the routines. Me and Gary became friends straight away, we had the same sense of humour, we got each other. We were nye on best friends, texting; calling; seeing each other everyday. But like everyone woman that meets him fall in love with him... I couldn't keep it on a friendship level, the level Gary wanted. He use to tell me. How he would never, date again. Which left me heart broken. Being his shoulder to cry on.

"Becca! Answer me!" The sound of anger in Gary's voice pulls me back out of my deep thoughts to now. "Why! Why have you told me this? What do you want from me?"

I feel my mouth dry instantly, i don't even know if i will be able to talk to him. Seeing him angry just makes me wanna drive on him.
"I want you..." Is all i can manage to say! I go to take a hold of his hand, but he pulls away.
"Not here! Come on!" He snaps, showing me know expression. As he turns away and storm off across the park.

I practically have to run to keep up with him. He walks so fast. But then again. I'm not complaining. I get to look at that arse of his. Wow, I love his tight trousers, because they show off his perfect arse, well I can't help but grin slightly. I see Gary's head turn slightly, but then it snaps back forward, before i could get a good look at him, but i'm sure he was smirking a little. He stops suddenly, i nearly walk straight into the back of him. When he carries back on walking, we cross the road, and i see he is leading me to the hotel he is staying at.

Thinking back, about earlier, I wish i'd have told him months ago how I felt, but i couldn't, I couldn't lose him. I was going to tell him, before that bitch, Victoria came into his life. And i'm not just saying she's a bitch, because she's with Gary, but she is. She treats him like crap, he can't go out without her, he can't talk or go out with his friends, unless she is there, i'm surprised he was allowed a stag do. She hates me, and doesn't want me anywhere near Gary. I knew i had to tell him, because i was going to loose him either way, and stupidly in my head, there was a chance, Gary might feel the same way.

"Stop it!" he smirks, turning to look at me.
"What?" i smile, biting my lip a little.
"Becca, I've known you long enough, to know when your thinking about my, well, you know, my future... Wife" he almost doesn't want to say it, in front of me... "Oh and when your looking at my arse", he grins, typical Gary, he always try's to lighten the mood, with a little joke, well i think it was a joke.
"well she isn't right for you Gary." i say looking down, i don't want to make eye contact with him.

When we arrive at the hotel, Gary turns to me and tells me to act normal, I don't know what he means, it's hardly like, i am going to throw him on the floor and have sex with him. I mean i'd love too, but it's hardly realistic! Especially now, with Gary hardly looking at me. We head into the lift, where there is such an awkward silence. Gary leaves the lift and i follow behind him, he opens his room door and ushers me in first. I turn to look at him, when, i feel his hands on my back, pushing me over to the couch, in his room.
"Now, tell me, do you really feel the way you said, earlier? And why now? I don't understand!" he sits, rubbing his hands together, i don't know why, but i think he's nervous. I take a deep breathe. Wow, this is going to be hard, to explain. "Becca! Tell me!"
"Ok ok. Yes, it's true, i, i do care for you, i am in love with you. I have been for ages, and why didn't i tell you? Because you told me, you weren't going to ever get serious with any woman, again. And then when you got with her. I thought i'd lost my chance with you."
i stop, and take Gary's hand, placing it on my thigh, then i place my hands over it. He doesn't move his hand away though, which surprises me.

"She's a bitch Gary, please please don't marry her. You don't love her, your settling, you deserve more." i feel tears in my eyes.
"Stop, don't call her that. She's, nice. And."
"Nice? Gary, look at me, is she the one you see yourself having babies with? The one you'll grow old with?" I move my hand to his chin and lift it slightly, till our eyes meet. "Tell me, she's the one Gary? And if you can, i'll leave you alone. For good."
"She's, i, Becca, you know i can't. She's not the one, but, i don't want to be alone, and lonely." he sighs.
"You'll never be lonely, or alone, i promise you that Gary." i whisper.
"And i don't want to loose you, i can't loose you." he grips my thigh a little, making me grasp.
"You won't loose me Gary, but if you marry her, i can't promise you it. She hates me, she knows how i feel. And she hates that." i have tears streaming down my face. i lean towards him, my lips are so close to his, when his phone rings. It pull us both out of our trance. He pulls away, just up and grabs his phone, seeing it's Victoria. He answers, leaving the room, about 5 minutes later, I hear Gary shouting "she's my friend, that's it, nothing more." I sigh, knowing they're arguing about. "fine believe what you want, how about, you call me when you grow up, in fact don't. I can't live like this." he screams.

I know this is my fault, I caused this, I never wanted Gary to be upset or angry. I stand up and head towards, the door. I wrap my hand around the door handle, when i hear, Gary slam his phone on the table. "Where the fucking hell do you think your going?" he growls at me. I spin around, seeing Gary storming over to me.
"just locking the door." I smile, clearly lying to him. But I do lock the door, because this might get heated.

"Liar!" he grins. "Your not leaving me, after you've caused all this. You tell me all this today, not yesterday, I'm getting married in what, 2-3 hours." he slams his hands against the wall either side of me. I'm caged in, his chest pressing tight against mine. My heart is pounding in anticipation.
"I'm sorry, Gary. I never meant to make you angry!" I smirk.
"Sorry? You hate Victoria, your the reason, I argue with her, don't you get that?" he shouts. "Oh You will be sorry, but first, I need to get even with you." he grins, leaning in, whispering right into my ear, breathing against my neck. Oh god, I think I am going to faint. No Becca. Be strong. Two can play this game. I place both my hands on Gary's bulging biceps, and squeeze, saying "Gary I never meant to hurt you. I'm sorry." I bite my lip.

I turn around and slide out from under him, accidentally moving my body on to his. I'm sure I hear him groan, I smirk and walk over towards the sofa again, today sit down. When I feel two huge hands on my hips, that's when he grabs me and throws me, on his shoulder, carrying me over towards the bed.

"Gary! Stop it! Put me down. Don't you dare do this. Your not thinking straight! You don't want this" I squeal. When Gary throws me on the bed roughly.
"This is payback baby, 'cause you've made me so angry." He grins. Climbing up me, slowly and seductively. I can't believe this, are we going to actually do this....