Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chapter 9

Okkkk. Wrote this really quickly on way to work.. This is just a build up chapter towards the next few.. but Enjoy! Please leave feedback.. @GarysCoPilot 

* * * BECCA'S POV * * *

"Fuck sakes!" I howl as all my paperwork falls on the floor. I slam my car door and pick it up. I head into Starbucks and order a expresso triple shot coffee. It's 8.45am. I head across to the main building where i have meeting after meeting this morning. Again i have to justify my position, on why i should be one of the main choreographer on this tour. I'm not in the mood though today. I'm not my normal self. I feel drained. I homestly don't have a clue how i am going to get through today. This morning fine, it's got to be done. But rehearsals, well that's going to be a hard one.

I head inside the building and I'm shown to an large boardroom. I feel uncomfortable I'm wearing a pencil skirt finishing above my knee; a smart button up blouse. Which is open a little from the v neck line, i didn't realise it would be this low. You can't see anything but still. I don't feel right dressed like this, god it'll probably be in a room full of sleazy men. What am i doing here? Why didn't i just call in sick! 

*  *  *

* * * GARY'S POV * * *
Fuck me. I wish they shut up, i shouldn't even be here, i mean this should have been my honeymoon, i'm not even scheduled to be going to these meetings. And Becca is going to be there. She hasn't a clue that i will be in this meeting either. Shit! What do i say to her? And where the fuck did she go last night? One minute se was at my place the next minute, well i don't remember what happened after. 

 * 30 Minutes Later *  

As Gary parks the car up in the car park. Howard and Jason jump out the car and head across the road to Starbucks. Mark and Rob are laughing and joking and they head inside the building. Gary stays in the car for a few minutes though, to make sure he looks ok. Especially his hair "Come on Barlow." he grins and then follow them inside. 

As soon as Gary enter in the building, all the women are falling over themselves to talk to him. Grabbing him. Saying they'll show him into the boardroom they've got to go in. Gary grins and says "One at a time ladies..." He laughs as Howard and Jason arrive back with the coffee's. They pass the coffee's around. They are shown into the room and Gary has one, of the receptionist practically throwing herself all over him. As they enter the room.

* * * BECCA'S POV * * *

I look up. Fuck. Fuck. Gary's here. What the hell is he doing here? Argghhh. God sake! Look at her all over him. Why do i have to sit here and watch this!! Mark and Rob come over to me smiling and giving me a hug, practically at the same time. I grin. Looking over towards Gary who's sat down. Not making any eye contact with me, and just talking to the beautiful receptionist. Yep. I'm jealous. 

Howard and Jason grin and say hi. Howard then nudges Gary, "Becca's over there mate. You gunna say hi to her." Gaz just glares at him. "Gaz. Thought she was your best mate like!"
"Shut the fuck up Dougie, yeah?" Gary snaps, everyone breaks from what they were talking about and looks at him. "Sorry about that." He puts his head down. And the receptionist continues speaking to him, rubbing her hand over his biceps. She's giggling and fluttering her eyes at him. 

Wow why am i feeling like this. Mark is speaking to me. But i'm just ignoring him. I am staring at Gary. Why is he acting like this. But then again. He's single, free, no ties at all. I have to get out of here. My blood is boiling, i can't look at him like this anymore. It's hurting me now! 

I feel burning at the back of my eyes, don't cry Becca. Don't cry. I have to get out of here. I push past Mark and run out of the door. Leaving everything on the desk. Except my iPhone. I run outside the building. I am trying not to cry. But it's so hard not to break down. 

Gary stands up as some of the management are ordering the boys to get me back there now. Gary walks out the room slamming the door. He doesn't know what to do.

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