Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chapter 10

Hey, so here's chapter 10! Hope you enjoy, please leave some feedback. @GarysCoPilot :)


* * * Gary's POV * * *

What have I done, why didn't I go over and talk to her, why was i being such a dick with her. I lean back against the wall, resting my head slightly back against it. I groan in fusration. "What the fuck was that Gaz?" Rob says closing the door. "Why the hell, did you ignore Becca, and then shout at Howard, and..." i cut him off. "You have no idea, why Rob, and to be honest, neither do i. I have been stupid man, so fucking stupid." i punch the wall as hard as i can. "SHIT!" i growl, "GAZ. Stop it! What is wrong with you." i can't listen to this anymore, I need to get out of here. "Sorry mate, stall them will ya?" Rob nods and heads back into the room.

I walk outside, i feel myself getting tears, why, am i treating Becca like this. Since meeting her, I've never wanted anyone else, just her, when i took her to Party's and award shows, it wasn't because she is stunning, which she is, it's because she is the only woman I wanted by my side. I use to grip her tightly, just so everyone knew she was with me, she was mine, for the night. I hated when other men spoke to her, because i loved her. I love her. "Fuck Sake Barlow!" i sigh.

"What happened to your hand?" i spin around so fast, hearing Becca's voice. "Nothing ba.. Becca. I just got angry." she takes my hand slowly, moving up to her mouth, and planting little kisses on knuckles, and then kissing my fingers too. I close my eyes, loving the feel of her lips on me. "Ohhh that's good." i smile. "Gary. i think we need too..." that's when I cut her off. I kiss Becca passionately, grabbing her hips and pulling her tight against me. I run my hand through her hair, pulling her pony tail out. "I like it down, you know that." i grin, and becca grins back at me. Wrapping her hand around the back of my neck and pulling my lips down on to hers again. I push my tongue against Becca's bottom lip, that's when she opens her mouth slightly and groans, I slide my tongue into her mouth, making sure her tongue collides with mine.

I have to tell her, Come on Barlow tell her, tell her, i pull away from her slightly. "OkINeedToTellYouSomethingILoveYouBecca" fucking hell, she's giving me that confused look. Shit. Ok, calm down, say it again. "Becca. I Love You. I always have. I guess, I just never want to admit my feelings, because I was scared of you turning me down, I mean look at you Becca, your stunning. Your perfect and i...." her lips crash against mine, pulling me tighter to her, god this is good... "Fucking hell" i groan as Becca pulls away because my phone starts ringing. "Gary. I love you too." She grins. God i've never seen her looking so happy, i love it when she's happy.

"Hey." i say grinning stupidly.
"Where the hell are you, management are going mad, you need to get back here now.. And have you found Becca?"
"Errr, I'll be inside soon. Ok? And yeah you could say i've found her." i smirk.
"Well you either found her or you haven't? What is it, and hurry up Gaz."
"Fucking hell Mark, calm down! Yes I've found her. Will be back in two minutes!" i put the phone down.

"We better get inside then babe." i smile wrapping my arm around Becca's waist gripping her tightly to me. "Gary. I think we should, maybe keep this to us? For now? Maybe for a few days?" she smiles, how could I say no to her, she is so gorgeous. "Yeah, i'd like that, and We could have some fun with it. We're in rehersals, for the next few weeks, Maybe I could get some one to one's. Only to help with my dancing of course." i grin. "ohhh i don't mind helping you with your dance moves, especially with things like this." she grins, Oh fuck. I throw my head back slightly feeling becca grinding on me. "Twisting and turning your hips is what you need to work on Gary." she giggles, i just groan in agreement.

"Come on, we need to get inside! And if we don't go right now. I am going to throw you in the car, and take you home!" I grin, and Becca leans up, towards me, her lips are so close to mine, i can feel her breath on my neck, that's when she pulls away. "We better go inside, Mr Barlow." she smirks. "Oh by the way, you look gorgeous today Gary. Really, really sexy. If you need a hand getting changed later, tell me, yeah?" she grins, oh god, not now. I smile, and push up against her, as we walk in the building, i'm pressing against becca, she gasps, yep, she can feel how hot she is making me right now.

I smirk as we head inside the room, everyone turns around and stares at us, I pull Becca's chair out a little as she sits down, and i take my seat next to her, we pull our chairs in towards the table. I take a deep breath, as i feel Becca's hand on my thigh, this is going to be a very long and interesting day.

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