Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chapter 27

Okkkk so here is chapter 27! I think this fic is starting to take be a de-stresser! And for a moment takes me away from the real world. Which i love. Anyway. Enjoy & please leave feedback, @GarysCoPilot :) 

*  *  * 

Me and Gary are finally alone again. I am so happy. For the first time Gary has openly introduce me as his girlfriend and it feels great. I love him so so much. 

"You better get use to that baby." He grins "because everywhere i go now, award shows, dinners, party's you have to come. The mrs has to come along." He smiles before eating a piece of his toast. 
"Ok. I will try but it's not everyday you get introduced as Gary Barlow's girlfriend!" I grin. 
"Well like i said baby. Get use to it." He grins again. 

*  *  ONE HOUR LATER  *  *
  *    GARY'S POV   *  

Me and Becca are walking through park. I'm holding her hand and keep glancing at her, see looks so beautiful. Really sexy. I run my eyes, up and down becca's body, seeing her breasts moving up and down. Holy shit, that's done it, i feel my length growing stiff. Fuck! I look around and see no one about. I grin thinking maybe becca will sort me out. I grab becca and pull her to a little woody area, full of tree's and bushes. 

"GARY NO!" She groans. 
"Baby please. I'm hard." 
"Gary i said no. And what do you expect me to do?" 
"Sort me fucking out maybe? Seeing as your my fucking girlfriend." I groan in frustration. "Becca. Please?"
"Gary. I said no and i meant it. Ok?" 
 I pull her hand down to my bulge pressing it tightly against it. "Becca. He's smiling at you. You can't not give him any attention please?" I grin. 
"Ok. But your only getting a blowjob. No sex! It's winter, and very cold." 
"Ok. Ok. Ok just get on your knees and suck him. Please?" I grin and nearly push Becca onto her knee's. 

Becca slowly undoes my trousers with my boxers attached to them and pulls them down, past my hips. I feel her breath on the head of my penis i groan. And thrust forward, pushing my length into her mouth. I can't help it i need to keep thrusting deep into becca's mouth. She grazes her teeth over my length, "FUCK. BECCA." I growl and thrust faster, holding her head firmly in place. I an throbbing, i feel becca's nails gripping into my thighs. Which only makes me push even fast. "Shit. I'm gunna!" I groan and give on final thrust as i explode in becca's throat. She swallows all i gave her...

Becca jumps up and pushes me away, she doubles over and throws up several times. She groans, i rub her back softly. "Get off me!" She pushes my hand away roughly. 
"Baby." She cuts me off. "Don't baby me Gary. How could you do that?" She's backing away from me as i try to move closer to her. 
"Becca. Please. What's wrong?"
"What's wrong? Gary you have just used me to get what you want! I was nearly choking and you didn't even realise." She groans so loud. Before throwing up again "i don't want to be anywhere near you right now!" She turns away and goes to walk away. 

  *    BECCA'S POV   *  

I turn back go into my bag and throw a small book at Gary. "Go there on your own! I thought you were different. But your like the fucking rest!" 
"Becca please. Forgive me?"
"To late Gary. To fucking late!"

I storm off, practically running. Tears are streaming down my face. I thought he was different. How could he do that to me.

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