Friday, February 15, 2013

Chapter 23

Booom! Here is chapter 23!! Please enjoy. I'm sorry i haven't uploaded a chapter in a day or two. Been feeling down, after what happened yesterday.. But had to write a chapter for you all.. Enjoy & leave feedback... @GarysCoPilot. 

* * *

I yawn and snuggle more into Gary. We're laid on his sofa, i have my head on his chest and both my arms wrapped around him tightly. He has one arm around me and a glass of red wine in the other. As we are watching some film. I don't know what it is. But Gary keeps laughing, i'm just happy being in his arms. I have dreamt about evening like this, just being with the man i love. I say evening. But it's not past 6 yet. God. I hate the winter, with all the dark night. I sigh. I'm so content and happy with how things are between me and Gary right now. 

"Becca. Baby, are you ok?"
I look up towards Gary seeing him having a confused look on his face. "I'm fine gorgeous. Perfectly fine." I smile, placing my head back on his chest. 
"Good. But Why did you sigh baby?" he squeezes me a little in his arms. 
"Just because, i am so happy with how we are now. I don't have to hide my feelings are pretend, like i don't want to dive on you every time i see you. Now if i wanna dive on you. I can." I grin.
"Yep. Yes you can dive on me if you want. Any time you see me." He grins and then lowers his lips to mine, lifting my head slightly. "ANYTIME." He growls, i'm sure he growled. I press my lips against Gary. Softly, and then biting down on his bottom lip slightly and then slowly move my tongue over his lip. He groans in appreciation. 

"Becca. Becca. Stop." He groans pulling away. 
"Why? I want you Barlow." I grin and turn over so i'm straddling Gary. 
"We can't do this yet baby. Becca i want you. Trust me i want you now. But i wanna take you for a meal later tonight. We will leave here around 7. So we can be there about 7.30pm. Ok?"
I grin. "Wait. Gary. I need to get ready do my hair and make up and choose something to wear. Oh my god. Gary. You could have told me earlier." I grin and kiss Gary's neck "but thank you. I love you sex machine." 

"Babe. Firstly your gorgeous. You don't need any make up. Your perfect. And yep. I'm your sex machine! I'll show you, later tonight." He grins and kisses me softly. 
"Your the best boyfriend ever. I love you. You are the beautiful, sexy one. And yep show me tonight. But for now. I need to get ready. See you soon." I grin. And jump off Gary, i run upstairs. 

* *  1 Hour Later  * *

I'm nearly ready just choosing my heels, and clutch bag. I have a somewhat sexy Black Peplum dress on, it has a low V Cut neck line. I'm wearing a matching white with black lace underwear. 

"Becca! What tie should i wear? Come downstairs and help me choose!" He shouts. 
"Ok. Give me two minutes Gary!" I shout back. I decide on a gold pair of heels and a gold clutch back. I have my hair pulled to the side and  slightly curled. I've done my makeup naturally. Not to much. But enough. 

I head downstairs, and look at Gary. He looks sexy. "Wow! Your looking HOT!" I grin. Gary spins around, "thanks babe. But help me please..." Thats when his eyes widen. "Oh my god. Becca. You look. You look, sexy! Gorgeous. Woah do we have to go out?" Gary grins at me, moving closer. 
"Your the sexy one Gary, trust me. You are. And yep you've promised me dinner. And there no dessert id we don't either" I smirk. As Gary lips crash down against my neck. I just groan closing my eyes for a second to enjoy this. 

"So help me? Right. Shall i go withe thin black tie. Or the thicker black tie. Or something else?" He furrows his brow a little. 
"Gary. Your wearing a sexy black smart suit. It doesn't matter what tie your wearing, but i'd say i want to rip the thinner black on off of you more." I smirk and try not to laugh.
"Well the thin one it is." He just grins at me. "Right the car will be here to pick us up in 15 minutes." 
I nearly choke. "What? The car? Gary i thought you said we were going for dinner?" I smile. 
"I did. But i've had a glass of wine already. And i want us both to have a few tonight. Ok?" He smiles. I nod my head, and smile back. 

"I'm just nipping upstairs baby. Ok? Shout me when the car is here." And with those words. Gary legs it upstairs. I know he is up to something. But who cares. I'm about to go on my first official date with Gary. That means everything to me!

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