Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chapter 24

Here is Chapter 24!! :) Hope you enjoy.. Please leave feedback, @GarysCoPilot.

* * *

One hour later, me and Gary are sat in a beautiful resturant, I'm smiling so much, we've ordered our meal, and since we've got here Gary has been such a gent, he always is. But he's even more amazing now we're dating. I grin, as he slowly takes a sip of his wine, and then licks his lips seductively, well i don't think he know's he's doing it seductively, but he is. I bite my lip, so i don't moan. 

"I love you baby, you know that right?" he says, placing his hand's on top of mine.
"Yeah, i know you do finally. And i love you more babe." I smile, brushing my fingers over Garys.
"Becca, you have no idea how much i love you. I've loved y..." he stops, i look up and pull at his hand a little. 
"Gary. Continue, please?" i whisper, i need to know what Gary was going to say.
"OK. Becca, remember the first time i saw you? I couldn't talk, or speak to you, i was just thinking how hot and gorgeous you were. I thought you'd never ever look at me, why would you, your funny, smart and sexy, your everything any man wants. Your the perfect woman." he smiles. 

"Becca. You were and are so so sexy, funny and smart, i thought i'd never have a chance with you. You are my soul mate. The one i want to spend forever with. I know i we're together, it'll be for good. Forever. And we'll be happy and i'll never let anyone hurt you." He squeezes my hands a little. I go to speak but Gary continues. 

"Becca. You said something yesterday. About me. Telling you when i slept with other women. Remember?" I don't answer i just nod. 
"Well. It's not true. I haven't slept with anyone since meeting you. I mean i took women home sometimes. But i never had sex or do anything with them. I couldn't because they weren't the woman i loved. They weren't you." He furrows his brow a little. Trying not to get teary. 

"Even Victoria. I didn't sleep with her. We shared a bed. But nothing more. Emotionally or physically. I wasn't committed. I started dating her to see how you'd react. But you didn't, at first. And when you did it made my life. My world." He grins. 

"I love you Gary. I Always have, i always will. I can't believe for so long we've felt the same way. We've been in love. We could have been having..." I stop, as Gary finishes the sentence off... 
"Amazing sex? For the last few years?" He grins. And kisses my hand softly. 
"Yep. I could have been under you for years. But you were worth the wait. Oh god were you." I grin. Taking a drink of champagne. 

Me and Gary grin at each other and start talking for about a 20 minutes until our food arrives. I smile, knowing this is going to be a good night. Because. I now realise i was meant to be with Gary. 

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