Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chapter 8

Okkk so here's Chapter 8! Probably will be uploading 2 or 3 chapters today, please leave feedback :) @GarysCoPilot. 

* * Next Morning * * 

I practically, fall out of the bed. As my alarm goes off, 7.30am. Great! I got in late last night. And then got no sleep. I couldn't stop thinking about Gary, how could i ruin everything we had? We were best friends. When he needed 'a date' for anything, he'd ask me. Even when he was dating and going to marry Victoria, he would tell her he was going to award shows or party's but they only invited him or sometimes he wouldn't even tell her, he'd just say he'd be having a night out with lads. And then come and pick me up. We'd have the best time. Feeling his arms wrapped around me tightly. Making sure no one would pull me away fro him. And i'm sure he would, get angry if men came up to speak to me.

That's probably why in my head. I thought he'd say he loved me too. How wrong was i? I groan and put a smart outfit on. I have a few meetings at work, which i hate. I love the dance side of my job. But i hate all the formal meetings before, i wish i could just start Choreographing the routines. It would be easier! 

I do my make-up and finish straightening my hair. I put my heels on. I grab my little suit case. Putting a pair of jogger bottoms in and a top and a pair of flats in. To wear For rehearsals later in the day. I head downstairs with my case, making sure i don't fall. Breakfast? Nope. Haven't got time. I have a long drive into London now, fantastic! 

I open the car boot and put my case in the boot. I love my car, it's a Black Range Rover sport. It's the only thing i can rely on at the moment! 

* * * GARY'S POV! * * *

I open my eyes slowly. Groaning as i do so. Shit! My head hurts. What happened last night? I'm sore. Why the hell am i only half on the sofa? I sit up slowly, rubbing the bottom of my back. That's when i look down and see the Jason; Markie & Rob on the floor. I stand up and make my way upstairs, i need a shower man. I pull my top over my head. Throwing in on the bed. I realise Becca isn't in bed. I pull the duvet back. She's not slept here last night. Why the fuck is she? I slam my fist in the wardrobe door. Ouch. Shit! Shouldn't have done that. "nice one!" I growl seeing the dink in the wardrobe door! 

That's when Mark barges through the door. "Gaz what the fuck? Get dressed! We need to go!" What the hell is on about. Go where? Just as i go to speak. I'm cut off again by Mark.. "What happened to your hand, Gaz?" He says looking at my hand. Which is swelling up  
"Nothing happened. I fell ok!" I snap, Mark looks at the wardrobe door and then back at me. He knows i'm lying! "Ok whatever Gaz. Now get some clothes on. We have meetings this morning and then rehearsals this afternoon!" Mark opens my wardrobe door and throws me a pale blue button up shirt. And a pair of black trousers. "I can dress myself Markie!" I can't help but laugh. I push mark out of the room. "I'll be down in 5!" I grin! I take my trousers off. And changed them with the ones mark got me. Fuck. These are tight. I smirk and button them up. I put the pale shirt on. Button it up and tucking it into my trousers. I grab a smart suit jacket and put it on. I grab a pair of trackie bottoms and a casual t-shirt, "stupid fucking rehearsals. Its last thing i need with a hangover like this!" I growl heading down the stairs, the lads are stood there with door open laughing. 

"Oh boys. We have grumpy Gary today don't we!" Markie giggles! I barge past him and throw my clothes into a bag and then head to the car throwing my bag in the boot. I climb in the drivers seat. 
"Get in the car then, now!" I shout. Fuck. I shouldn't have done that. My head is pounding right now! 

The lads grin to each other, they know they can have some fun when Gary is in a mood like this. They think it's just his hangover that's made him like this. They get in the car, as Gary takes off. And they start the drive into London.....

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