Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chapter 3

Chapter 3. Is only Short. But i Hope you all enjoy, and if you like or dislike, please leave feedback, and thank you for all your feedback so far! Please tweet me @GarysCoPilot tell me what ya think.. Thank you for reading.

* * *

I rush over to the wardrobe, and see Gary's wedding suit is gone. I'm guessing he's wearing it? Well, he will be when he gets married anyway. I grab my underwear and put it on. I put my jeans back on, and grab one of Gary's shirts to wear seeing as he ripped mine off, earlier. My iPhone goes off.

One New Message : Gary x
I'm sorry. Tell me, you'll forgive me? x

I grab my heel's and put them on. I feel my heart aching, is Gary telling me, he's getting married? Is he going to live a lie with her? Just because she fit's the bill of a celebrity's wife?

I return the text saying :
Forgive you for what? Leaving me? Marry her? Sorry for having sex with me? x  

Maybe that was harsh, this is the man i am in love with. But he's also, a man that millions of women are in love with! I can't do this. I can't not fight for him. I grab my jacket, and bag and he leave the hotel room, I decide to take the stairs down, it'll be quicker. As i leave the hotel and head towards, the wedding venue. I think Gary will be there. I furrow my brow thinking is this right, what i might be doing, as my iPhone buzzes again.

One New Message : Gary x
Everything. I'm Sorry. But I can't do it. I can't go through with this! x

What does he mean? He can't go through it? What the wedding, or he can't be with me? I decide not to reply. I want him to be happy, that's all i have ever wanted. I take the short cut, and head through the park, I can hear people screaming and laughing, i look up to see a large group of girls and woman, surrounding someone. A man? Maybe, I'm not sure, i just smile, keeping myself to myself, i mean it's London in winter, so it's only half 4, but it's getting dark. And I don't want no trouble. I keep walking, that's when I hear:

"Of Course I don't mind, anything for my fans."

I spin around, to see who it is, and then notice it's my Gary. Well my Gary? That's a Joke. Any case it's Gary. I stand there watching him for a few minutes, having photo's with fans and signing autographs. I grin, seeing him looking so happy. He looks like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders, he looks happy. Maybe it was from we did early, Oh becca don't be stupid. He will have just probably seen that as a quick shag. But that's not Gary. He doesn't use women. I know he doesn't.

I'm in deep thought, when i feel someone come up behind me, hands placed on my hips. "Hello baby." that gorgeous northen accent. I smile, as those strong arms spin me around. "Hey you." i smile. "So are you single. Or are...." I'm cut off by someone screaming at us. And it's deffinately not any fans. "Stay behind me." Gary says, pulling me behind his back. Oh great here's victoria.

"Let that bitch face me! She stole you from me!" she screams. As Gary makes sure she can't get to me. "Back off Victoria" Gary growls, he's angry, oh god, he's hot when he's angry.

"What? Don't you touch me Gary. I thought I made you happy!" She goes to grab Gary's hand. But he pulls it back, interlocking it with mine. I decide i can't hear her scream in his face anymore. I push my way past Gary and stand in front of him. I bite my lip at first not knowing what to say, when I feel a hand connect with my face. I don't move. I just look at her.

"One thing you have to realise, no matter how much, you tried to push me out his life, and turn him against me, i saw you didn't make Gary happy, and i wasn't going to let you ruin his life. And you can hit me all you like. I'll never let you near him or hurt him again!" I smile, looking up at Gary, seeing him grinning at me. "thank you" he mouths to me.

Victoria just looks at me, with a shocked expression on her face. Before saying "Ok, you may have won the battle, but i'll win the war." she then storms off.

I turn towards Gary and snuggle into his arms. Resting my head on his chest, I feel happy.
"I told you to stay behind me, and you didn't. So you'll need, to learn a lesson for that... But thank you babe, let's go to my place yeah? I think we need to talk." he grins."Oh by the way, you look good in my shirts." I smile, as me and Gary start to head to his place, i grin has his arm slides around and grips my waist tightly. for once, my life is pretty perfect. The Love of my life know how's i feel about him, and he hasn't rejected me, well not yet anyway...

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