Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chapter 20

Chapter 20!! Please enjoy and leave feedback :) @GarysCoPilot. 
I place my hands over Gary's, which are wrapped tightly around my waist. I look up to Gary. He looks angry. 
"Get. Out. Now!" Gary growls.
"What's wrong Barlow?" The mystery man grins. 
"I said get the fuck out. Now!" 
"Why you scared? Don't worry I'm not here to take your latest sex piece from you" He smirks. 
"Well you'd never fucking get me, and i'm not his sex piece! Ok?" I hiss. "Don't!" Gary growls in my ear. 
"Just get out! Before i fucking throw you out!" Gary is getting so angry! Who is this man. And why i he making my Gary so upset and angry. 
"Ok. I'll go, i just thought friends should stay in touch. Oh. By the way. I got in because you left door open." He grins and moves towards me, going to touch my face. Which leads to Gary snapping. Grabbing his wrist and pushing him back. Slamming him against the wall. "Don't you ever touch her. Don't even fucking look at her ok? I'll kill you. If you go anywhere near her!!" Gary shouts right in his face, i open the door, and Gary throws him out! 

He closes the door and locks it. Doubling checking. Rush back over to me. "Becca. If you ever see him around. Phone me. Don't ever be on your own around him babe." Gary grabs my hand tightly. Kissing it slightly. "Gary. Who is he. Please tell me why he made you that angry?" I feel so scared. "Babe. It's a long story. So i will give you the short version. I thought he was a friend. A few years ago now. But he played me, secretly told stories to the press and slept with my girlfriends. He's a nasty piece of work becca. And i don't want him anywhere near you. Ok? Promise me..." 
I move my hands onto the bottom of Gary's back. "I love you. And i promise you. I will stay clear of him, if i see him. I will call you." that's when Gary cuts me off. "Becca. Please make sure your surrounded by people if you see him. Never go on your own around him. Ok?" He whispers, i just nod my head. I'm sure Gary is hiding something, but i don't really want to know. 

I take Gary's hand and pull him towards the stairs, "Can we go back to bed please? My head is still hurting." I grin. And turn my head to look at Gaz, he has a massive grin. "Bed? Of course mrs." He slaps my arse and giggles. "Yep. Bed. I need some sleep, i'm tired." I smirk. Gary just smiles. "Ok baby. Anything you want. I'm not a Sex maniac you know?" I nearly choke on air. And spin around "what? Your not a sex maniac? Fucking hell, stop lying Barlow, that's the reason i fell in love with you!" I grin and run upstairs as fast as i can. I dive into bed and climb under the sheets. 

"Becca. Is that the only reason you love me?" I look out from under the sheet, oh shit. He has tears in his eyes. I crawl down the bed, to the bottom. I kneel up. Pressing my body against Gary's who's stood up. "Hey. No tears mr." I place my hands on either side of his face. 

"Gary i loved you from day one of meeting you. You were honest, kind and really nice to me. You were a gentleman, you still are. I have loved you for years. And it killed me how much sex you were having. The worst thing was with us being friends you told me. And that nearly broke me Gary. So i'm sorry but i love the sex, with you! And i want you to be a sex maniac because for so long i have dreamed of being with you!" I have tears. I press my lips against Gary softly. 

Gary places her hands over my hands on his face. "Becca. Your the only one i've been with in months. Wait. Over a year. I didn't want anyone in my bed. Just you. I hoped when i got Victoria, you'd fight for me. But at first you didn't. I'm bloody glad you did though. I love you. And i'm glad your loving sex with me too baby. Because i sure as hell love it with you." Gary grins kissing me softly. I run my hands through his hair softly.

 "I want you." I whisper, pressing my lips against him passionately. 

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