Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chapter 13

Chapter 13! Hope you enjoy. This contains adult scenes. If you get offended by these then please don't read on. Sorry if there any mistakes this chapter was wrote on my iPhone. Please leave feedback. @GarysCoPilot

* * * BECCA'S POV * * * 

I groan in frustration wishing Gary would hurry up, he's got me in my underwear. And he's just grinning at me. I grab Gary by the collar of his shirt and pull him down against me roughly. Kissing him hard. "Gary please!" I groan as my lips move down his neck biting him as i do so. I need him now. God i can feel him smirking. He runs his hands over my back and opens my bra. Grinning so much. He places it on the front seat. He leans down and licks across both my nipples. And runs his fingers over them slowly. I moan, running my had through his hair. 

* * * GARY'S POV * * * 

I plant kisses down Becca's stomach, until i reach the top of her pants, i bite the top of her thong and pull them down slowly. She groans feeling my breath over her entrance, i pull her thong down grinning as i do so. I place it in my suit jacket. I look down and Becca has already undone my shirt,  I pull it off and shuffle out of my boxers. 

I move back up towards Becca. I decided to tease her a bit. I lean down and kiss Becca hard, rubbing my length up and down her entrance, i love the feel of Becca shaking underneath me. "Gary, hur..." I cut her off by thrusting deep inside of her, i kiss becca roughly biting her bottom lip hard. I thrusting deeper and deeper. Harder each time. That when i pull out nearly all the way. And then slamming into her as hard as i can. "Shit! Becca." I groan. And thrust harder, "Gary! GARY!" She screams. And claws my back, really digging her nails into my back. I can tell Becca is losing control. "Becca. Come on. Come for me!" I growl. As becca let's go. She screams and convulses around me. I thrust serval more times and then release inside of her. I collapses on top of her. 

* * * BECCA'S POV * * * 

"Oh my god. Gary!" I kiss the top of Gary head as he places it on my shoulder. "That was amazing Gary. Your amazing." I grin stupidly. I go to talk again but Gary's cuts me off... "I love you becca. I really love you!" He smiles. I kiss Gary passionately. "I love you too." I grin. 

Gary's phone starts ringing. Gary leans over to the front seat and grabs his phone. "Shit! It's Mark. I'd said we'd be 30 minutes! What do i say." He grabs his boxers and pulls them up. "Don't answer it. Lets just get ready and go back inside." I smile. 

I grab my skirt and slide it on. Then i put my bra on. I place my blouse on and button it up. Followed by my smart jacket. "Gary. Give me my thong back!" He grins at me "No!" He pulls his shirt on and buttons it up. And then pull his trousers on. He looks in the windscreen mirror and makes sure his hair looks good. He pulls his suit jacket on, "come on then baby! Let's go!" He grins and climbs out of the car. Offering his arm. I take it and follow him out after. "Ok. It's very funny Gary. But give me my thong. Now!" I pull at his arm. "No! You've been very naughty. This is your punishment for stopping me coming earlier!" He grins at me. 

I smile as we head back inside the building. Today has been a good day already, i can't wait for the rest of the day!

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