Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chapter 22

Chapter 22!! Hope you enjoy. Please leave feedback, @GarysCoPilot. 

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I decide to take Becca to her place before nipping to rehearsals. In my head i know who has done it. Well 1 of 2 people. I hate how people who have problems with me. Will go after my beautiful Becca. I'm so angry but i won't show it. Not 3 times in 3 days, becca will think she is with some kind of hothead. I pull up outside her house. I see becca has tears in her eyes, we can see the door has been kicked in. 

"Come on becca. Let's get inside beautiful." I climb out of the car, and head around to her side and open the door. 
"I don't want too Gary. Please, don't make me." 
"Hey hey. Come on baby, trust me. Let's go inside. I love you. I won't let you get hurt." I hold my hand out for Becca. Who takes it and climbs out of the car. We head inside, we take a quick look around. Apart from the door nothing is out of place which is creepy. Photo's of us aren't, there. But the Photo's of Becca on her own, and with some other friends well there still. 

Becca has looked everywhere for the diamond bracelet, but it's not here. All her other jewellery is still here too. I know the only reason that bracelet was taken was because, it had "i love you, love Gaz x" engraved into it. 

"Becca. I think you should pack a suitcase, and come an stay with me." i wrap my arms around Becca's waist. 
"Ok. Only for tonight. Then i will check into a hotel. Or something." I can feel how upset she is. I've never seen her like this. 
"Hey. Hey. No. You'll be staying with me full time. Unless i stay in a hotel. Then i will." I hold her tightly. "Remember what i told you yesterday? Your stuck with me now. I love you baby." I kiss becca's forehead softly. 
"I don't want to put on you though Gary. I love you so much. But i don't want to pressure you into anything." She is gripping to my hips tightly. 
"Your not putting on me. I offered. I want you staying with me. Remember i'm a sex maniac." I grin. 
"Yes. Yes you are. But your my sex maniac. Aren't you?" She smiles at me. 
"Yep. I'm all yours baby. So take me as you will." i smirk. And Becca grins at me, god i love that smile. 


Becca has been upstairs, packing for the last 25 minutes. I'm hoping she is ok up there. While, I have made a few phone calls and i have a good friend coming to fix the door and change all the locks in the house. 

"Becca. You ready to go yet?" I shout up the stairs. 
"Yeah. Gary. Come and help me carry these bags please." She shouts back. 

I don't answer becca, i just jog upstairs. I see her with 3 suitcases pack. I think my jaw drops a little. 
"Gary. I have work clothes and normal clothes in this one. And dresses and heels in this one. And the third one, well that's got my underwear in it, plus other things. Ok? There suitcases for a woman. Isn't a lot. Trust me." She grins. I go to speak but she carry's on. 
"And you don't go away without about 30 cases." She smirks. 
"Its ok. Becca its fine. And i take 3 or 4 bags. Not 30. Cheeky. Now give 'em me. I'll carry them for you." I grin. And grab the cases from becca. I turn and start carrying them down the stairs. I know becca is staring at biceps. 

"Gary. You've never looked so sexy. Well except when your naked. Oh and when your wet. I like that." Becca grins and squeezes my biceps. I smirk. Loving her hands on me. 
"I know you love me naked. And wet. Especially after our shower last night. Now go on get in the car. I have arranged a house sitter for you." I smile. And place all 3 of becca's cases in the boot of my car and climb into the front. 

"Thank you Gary. I love you." She grins. "It's ok baby. I love you too." I smile. As we pull away from the house and head to rehearsals. 

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