Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chapter 2

Heya, here's Chapter 2. Hope you all enjoy, and if you like or dislike, please leave feedback, tweet me @GarysCoPilot.. Thank you for reading.

* * *

I arch my back and close my eyes, trying not to moan, as Gary pushes his body against might, and then he stops. A few seconds pass by, do i open my eyes? I go to open my eyes, but stop, as i feel his breath on my collar bone. Slowly moving up my neck, up to my lips. I open my eyes, softly, and that's when i feel Gary's hands on my bare skin, under my top, slowly moving up my sides, and across my back. That's it. I can't hold it in, I moan loudly, taking a deep breathe after. "Please! Gary!" are the only words I manage to get out. "Please what?" i look up seeing Gary grinning, knowing exactly what he's doing. "I want you....I need you!" i can't wait no longer, if he won't kiss me, I'll kiss him. I lean up, wrap my hand around the back of Gary's neck, and pull him down, placing my lips onto his. I kiss him passionately, while running my hand through his hair.

Gary pulls back, looks me in the eyes, and smirks "i knew it, i knew you wouldn't be able to wait." he laughs, and then pushes me back into the bed, and kisses me, while roughly biting my bottom lip, making me moan and open my mouth slight, then he pushes his tongue, in my mouth, and groans into the kiss. That's when i felt him, he wanted me, as much a wanted him, I continue the kiss, making sure my tongue collides with his. I move my hands down Gary's back, and move them around to his front, i grip at Gary's belt. And undo it, as fast as I can, i throw the belt across the room. I flick the buttons open on his trousers. "Wait!" Gary groans, as he moves his lips down to my neck, and sucking on it and biting on my neck roughly.

I moan and grab Gary's top and pull it, trying to get it off. But he stops me, removing my hands, pinning them down. "You first." He places his hands on my top, and rips it off, usually i'd be angry, but right now, I am far too turned on. His hands move down to my jeans and pulls them down, roughly, without opening them. I moan feeling his hands now on my bare skin. I close my eyes, and then it stops. I can't feel Gary's breath, or skin or any physical contact. I open my eyes, and notice Gary looking throw the drawers. "Found it!" he turns around and smirks, holding something behind his back. Then i see it, rope. He has rope.

"Gary! No. Your not tying me down. " I try to get up, but Gary is too fast, he's on top of me again. Just grinning. I grab the clear bulge in Gary's pants, and say "I'll do anything, else though." i grin back at him, as he moans, at my touch. I pull Gary's trousers down slowly, and teasingly. This time when i try to get on top of Gary, he willingly rolls onto his back, placing the rope on the dressing table, as i pull the trousers around his ankles off and throw them across the room. I pull at his top which he lets come off this time. I look at his muscle chest and groan, i plant kisses from his neck to his chest, across his nipples, and down his stomach. Until I reach his bulge.

Which is looking so ready. I pull his boxers down fast, discarding them as I do. I look at Gary's length and my eyes widen. I mean it's not the first time I have seen him naked. But never like this. Gary wanting me. Needing me. Accidentally walking in on him in the shower isn't the same as this. I move down slightly, and then wrap my hand firmly around the bast of his length and move it up and down slowly, and then build up to a firm pace. Gary is groaning and i feel his hands moving to the back of my head, "Anything!" he growls. I grin "I did" i lower my head and lick the tip, and started to suck him, going deeper each time, and start using my hand in time with my mouth. That's when i feel Gary bucking his hips upwards roughly, "Fuck. Fuck. Becca!!!" he releases a growls. Thrusting his hips more rapidly. I pull away smirking, as Gary is about to come.

I move back, I'm so turned on I need him. He opens his eyes, grips my hips roughly, flipping me on my back and roughly climbing on top of me. Gary has on hand on my bra and one on my thong, he unclasps my bra, and removes it, at the same removing my thong, which i kick away. "Multi-tasking? I didn't know you could." I laugh a little. As Gary places himself at my entrance. "Oh really?" Gary bits down on the side of my neck and at exactly the same time, thrusts himself deep in side me. I groan and throw my head back. He sucks on my neck, i swear it will be leaving a bruise! I scream, and place my hands on Gary's back urging him to go faster, as he builds up and fast pace, he thrusts deeper and harder, each time, I'm starting to dig my nails into his back, "GARY! PLEASE!" I scream.

Gary grins, kissing me with a passion, biting on my bottom lip, I am so so close, my orgasm is approaching, when pulls almost fully out of me and then slams himself fully into me I groan, as my orgasm, over takes me. I convulse around him, I shake roughly, underneath him. But he doesn't stop, Gary keeps thrusting deeper inside me, when his orgasm hits, and he shoots his load into me, over and over. Gary collapses on top of me. Placing his head on my shoulder. We're both panting for breath and sweating. "i love you." I whisper, there's no reply, i close my eyes softly.

* * Present time! * *
I groan and open my eyes slowly. I feel so tired, and drained after earlier. How long have been asleep? I sit up, rubbing my eyes. I look around and I can't see Gary.. "Gary! Gary, you here." No response. I climb out of bed forgetting I'm naked. I grab Gary's shirt and put it on, for now. I look around, I can't find Gary anywhere. That's when I see note on the table... I rush over and grab the note, and it reads:


I'm sorry. I had to leave, because there is something I have to do.

Love Gary xx


I fall onto the sofa. "he's gone to marry her." I have tears in my eyes. I grab my phone off the table, and check the time. 30 Minutes, until the wedding...

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