Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chapter 21

Okkk, so i'm sorry there hasn't been a chapter in a day or two, so today, i will spoil you. And try to give you as many chapters as possible :) enjoy. Leave feedback, please. @GarysCoPilot.

* * * The following day * * *

I groan as i'm sat in my underwear at Gary's table, in his kitchen, my body is aching right now. Seriously, when Gary gets going you just can't stop him, he'll happily go all day and all night, which i love, i really do, but sleep is good too. I am drinking my cup of tea, and watching Gary cook breakfast, he's humming along to something, and shaking his arse. Which i'm in ore of, i mean who wouldn't be, that arse is perfect, so peachy and squeezable. "Stop It!" i look up and realise Gary is looking at me, "Sorry, but that arse, god i just want to bite it." i grin. "Not yet, after breakfast then maybe." he winks. I just grin naughtily, at him. I stand up and wonder over to him, wrapping my arms around him, towards his stomach. "I love you Mr." I press my head against his back. "Gary is breakfast nearly ready? We have to pop into rehearsals. I promise we won't stay" i smile. "Ok, we'll go, but we aren't staying, i want to make the most of the week we have off, if you get me." he grins, turning around wrapping my his around me tightly, kissing my forehead.

"Breakfast?" i grin, asking again.
"Go and get dressed and breakfast will be on the table when you come down." he smirks.
"Get dressed? Why? Don't you like me in my underwear?" i smirk.
"I do like you in it, in fact i love you in them. But becca, look at me, i'm starting to like it too much." he grins, as i look down, noticing the bulge in Gary's trousers, i grin, and say
"ok ok, i'll go get dressed, love you." i kiss Gary softly, and run upstairs, to get dressed.

I decided to put a pair of jeans on and a loose wine coloured chiffon top on. It's slightly low cut, but who cares. I head back downstairs, to see Gary putting two plates on the tables, "ohh that looks nice." i grin, seeing the two full English breakfast. "thanks baby, taste it first though, yeah?" he smiles. I sit down, and try the breakfast. "ohh Gary that's so good." i taste some more. "I thought you'd like my sausage, baby." he giggles. I look up to him and shake my head, he's being naughty... Again. I finish the breakfast, and lean over the table, giving Gary a view i'm sure, and kiss him softly, "thank you baby." i smile. "No Becca, thank you, for that view. Oh and the kiss." he grins, and kisses me softly.

We break away as my phone starts ringing, "Unknow Caller". i look at Gary, "I better take this babe, don't know who it is, but it could be important, i'll be in the front room, ok?" he nods and i answer the phone in the front room.


"Hello? Who is this..." i stop. "What? How did they get it? Ok ok." i feel tears burning "Has anything been taken? Ok can you just check upstairs for me, in my top draw." i slam my hand into the door. "Is there anything in the draw, a bracelet or anything?" i fall into the sofa, heartbroken. "Ok, can you stay there please? And i will be over in a hour or two, thank you for letting me know." i end the phone call.

As Gary walks into the room, "What's up Baby, who was it?" he takes my hand and kissing it softly.

"It was my neighbour, my house has been broke into, she doesn't think anything has been taken. Well apart from..." i stop as tears start falling, down my face.
"Hey, baby, tell me. What's been taken." he wipes my tears, softly.
"Gary. They've taken all the photo's i had, of us. You know the one's of us on the tours and on night outs? And they've took, the diamond bracelet you got me."

I fall into Gary's arms, i place my head on his shoulder, i'm crying so much, because that bracelet meant everything to me. Everything. It was the first thing Gary bought.

"Hey, hey no tears, look at me Becca. I love you, ok? And i will make sure, we find out who broke in, and i will get the bracelet back." he wraps his arms round me tightly. "Becca, i have my copies of all the photo's we've had together, so don't worry about that." he kisses me on the forehead.
"Thank you Gary, i love you too, it was the first thing you ever bought me, and i never wanted to loose it. i'm sorry." i hold him tightly.
"hey, it's not your fault, we'll find out who broke in. I promise, I'll keep you safe babe." he kisses me softly, holding me softly. "Come on Mrs, we better get going, we're only popping into rehearsals, and then go to your place."


I smile and stand up, snuggling into Gary's arms. As we head out to the car. Why would someone break into my place? And who is it? God, my head is spinning right. Gary places his hand on my thigh and squeezes a little, i smile at him. But I'm so worried right now.

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