Friday, February 8, 2013

Chapter 14

Okkkkk so here chapter 14. Again wrote on an iPhone. So in apologise for any mistakes! :) Please leave feedback, @GarysCoPilot! 

Me and Gary head back inside the room, I'm in front of Gary slightly. I feel his hand brushing against my bum. I grin cheekily. 

"Hey. Where have you two been?" Mark snaps. "Markie, i've told ya already. They've been behind the bins. Haven't ya Gazz?" Rob laughs winding us up. I nudge Gary and look up at him. "Oh yeah we have. God, you gave me good, didn't ya Gazzz?" I grin. Gary pushes me forward towards my seat. He doesn't speak. I lookat Gary to see him going bright red, i giggle.

"Ohhh what's up Gazzz? You know we're only joking right?" "Shut up. It's not funny! Becca was really upset. Practically crying on my shoulder. I had to make sure she, was ok to come back here!" He says taking a seat next to me, glaring at me to agree with him. That's when i feel Gary's hand comes around my back shifting under my bum a little. Oh shit. Stop it. I look at Gary to see him trying not to smirk. He is circling his fingers and pressing them against me. 

"YES! Errr Gary's right. I was upset. And he was there for me. And you know. I think he was crying too. Weren't you Gary? You said you'd lost your favourite teddy, last week. And you can't stop thinking about it!" 

I smirk at Gary. He looks at me and mouths "Bitch". The lads are all laughing there head's off, "Awwww!! Gazzzaa lost his teddy bear." Rob laughs. "Aww, You want a cuddle Gazza bear?" Markie teases too. 

Gary leans down towards me, pressing his lips against my ear "your going to pay for that one." I just smirk more. "You must love, the punishment, i give you!" He grins and walks over to the boys, i turn my head sideways to check his arse out as he walks. Gary spins around facing me. I nearly snap my neck trying to pretend i wasn't looking. He smirks. 

* * * 1 Hour Later * * *

I've been sat with some of the management team and discussing some plans and idea's for the tour. Whereas Gary, has spent the last hour getting ribbed over the teddy joke, by the boys. "Shut the fuck up!" Gaz snaps and walks over towards me. "Errr Becca. Its time we got to rehearsals." He puts his head down, he has his hands in his pockets. I agree and thank the management for inviting me to the meeting. But now it's time for us to leave and get to rehersals. 

I stand up. But drop my paper work all over the floor, "Shit!" I lean down to pick it. Gary pulls his hands out of his, i see something fly out of his pocket. "FUCK!" He snaps. Practically chucking himself, on top of whatever it is. Oh shit! That's my thong!

I go to grab it at the same time as Gary. But Mark grabs it first. "Ohhhh is this yours Gazzzz? Here Rob look at Gazz's thong!" He grins and Rob starts laughing. "First a teddy and now a thong! What's next Gaz? A dress and heels?" he teases more and starts laughing, as all the boys do. 

*   *   *  GARY'S POV  *  *  *

"SHUT THE FUCK UP OK!" I scream. God i can't deal with all there joke! I feel like shit. My head is pounding. And Becca has a low cut shirt on. I just want to rip it off her. I hear Mark and Rob still taking the piss, i can't deal with tis right now. I storm out of the room. And head to my car. I need to get out of here. 

*   *   *  BECCA'S POV  *  *  *

"I better go after him make sure he is ok. I don't know what's wrong with him. You guys head over to rehearsals. I will get Gary and meet you over there. The dancers should be there already."

I run out of the room and see Gary sat in his car. I run over to his car and climb in the passenger side. "What's wrong Gary?" I place my hand on his thigh. "What's wrong? Are you fucking kidding me? Look!" He groans, lowering his head. I look down to see Gary's ripped his trousers. I see his bulge breaking through. I place my hand on his crotch. Rubbing gently. "I could ease this for you... Only if you want of course!" I grin cheekily. Gary just groans loudly!

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