Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chapter 17

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I groan loudly, holding my head slightly. As me and Gary are now in a private room, Gary ordered that we were given a private room. He wants to make sure, I'm fine. He's holding my hand gently rubbing it with his other hand. "Gary. Can't we just go to rehearsals. Please?" I kiss his hand softly. "Are you joking? Your going home. To bed. You aint going near rehearsals for a week or so." i go to cut him off but he places his finger over my lip and continues, "the doctor has to give you the all clear first. I've phoned the boys telling them you've had an accident and won't be in for a few days. And that i have to look after you." He grins. I
"Ok ok. Wait. You need to be at rehearsals. You need a little help especially wi..." 
"With what babe? Are you trying to say i can't dance?" He smirks. 
"No. I would never say that. Gary" I wink. "But i do need to go. It's my real job Gary to be there. Not just bedding the lead singer." I smirk. 
"What? Wow baby your confident aren't you?" He grins. Leaning down and pressing his lips against mine. "I have to be Gary. I know that this might not last forever. So i'm going to enjoy every second." I grin more. "Hey hey. Our love will last forever. You've got me now baby, and your not going to get rid of me now, even if you try!" He smirks more. Kissing me harder. I groan and grab Gary's suit jacket pulling him down and deeper into the kiss. 

*  *  GARY'S POV  *  * 
* One Hour Later *
Me and Becca. Are on the way back to mine. She's got her eyes closed i don't think she is asleep. I just think she's relaxing. I grin, she looks so peaceful and gorgeous. And her breasts. Wow. They're nice breasts. "Stop it." Becca growls. "Stop what babe?" I smirk as becca opens her eyes. "You know what Gary! Looking at boobs. If you keep looking at them, your only going to moan when i say i'm not sorting that out!" She grins pointing at my crotch. "Ok. Ok. But when your feeling better. Your getting it good! You were a naughty woman earlier. And that lesson still needs to be learnt." I grin. Becca rolls her eyes smirking. "Hey. None of that mrs!" I laugh. 

I open the automatic gate to my house, and drive down the long drive. I park up and jump out the car. Opening Becca's door. "Hey. Sit down" i pick Becca up slowly, and hold her tightly in my arms. She kisses my cheek softly. I open the door locking it behind us. I carry becca straight upstairs to bed. She's falling asleep in my arms. God she's so cute. I place her on the bed and kiss her forehead softly. "Here baby you get undress you can put a pair of my boxers on and a top if you want? While i'll get us a hot chocolate?" I smile kiss her once more. And then head downstairs. 

15 minutes later, I head back upstairs seeing Becca fast asleep, she looks beautiful. There is only one problem. She's naked. And now I'm hard. Great!  

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