Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chapter 7

Chapter 7! Short Chapter. Hope you enjoy!! And Please leave feedback.. @GarysCoPilot

* * * *

I squeal, feeling the hand pushing down over my eyes, i feel another hand on my back sliding down towards my bum. "Shhhhhh..." they growl, in my head this isn't Gary, in all the years, i've known him, he'd never do anything like this. I scream again, and try to push whoever it is off me, that's when I feel hand forced up against my mouth, i have to get free from this. I bite down hard on the hand, around my mouth, "Bitch." he hisses, the hands are pulled away from me, and i feel them move backwards, I open my eyes slowly... "You bit me!" a sweet northern voice says, i look up, noticing the puppy dog eyes. It's Gary. "You bit me..." he says again, he's trying to make me feel bad, which i already do. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean too, and hey you did approach me from behind. And...." That's when i'm cut off, by Gary throwing himself at me, pushing me against the fridge door, kissing me hard. Straight away, his hands are on my bum, and left me up, off the floor, "Woahhh, Gary... Be careful." i can't help but laugh, Gary's drunk and clumsy. But the thought is there, so i can't be mad at him.

"Bec... Becca, why are, are..." he sutters, "Why am i naked?" i smirk, cutting him off. "Because i was getting a bath, but you had no towels, up there. Not that it matters, because i'm still naked anyway." i smile, seeing him grinning, his eyes are widening as he looks up and down at me. "i Like." he growls, in my ear. Kissing my neck, biting down roughly, i scream, i know he's drawn blood. Gary pulls back, his eyes widen "Sorrryyyyyyyy!!" he pratically whispers, getting upset, i can hear his voice getting shaky. One thing about Gary he always get soppy over little things, when he's drunk, it's rather cute. "Hey, Hey.. Look at me" i place my hand on his chin, pulling it up. "Gary, it's ok, i liked it. You liked me naked, i like you being a little rough, don't worry. I'm ok." I grin and kiss Gary softly, that's when i feel his tongue invading my mouth, making sure it collides my tongue. I groan into the kiss. Loudly.

Gary carry's me out of the kitchen, towards the room. He has a cheeky look on his face. "hey, let's go to bed, Gary. Bed." i say breaking the kiss, moving my lips to his neck. "Noooooooo" he gigglings, like a naughty school boy. Placing me on the cream leather sofa, and climbing on top of me, kissing me roughly. Trying to make sure, i don't notice the lads, asleep on the floor. "Gary." i groan. "shhhh, you'll wake them." he giggles, breathing on the sie of my neck. Then planting little kisses over, the bite, i hiss, it's a little sore, i grip gary's arms and squeeze.. "Sorry baby. I love. y.. errrr..." he stops, i look into his eyes. He can't say it, i knew it. I feel tears burning at the back of my eyes. I push Gary off me, he grabs my wrist, "Becca". He groans, i pull my hand away from him. "Stop Gary. This isn't right." I rush out of the room and run upstairs.

I grab my clothes and put them on, i have no shirt still, so I grab Gary's top and put it on, i have to go home, i have to clear my head. I grab my back and run back downstairs, i look into the living room, Gary is fast asleep half on the sofa and half on the floor. I grab a blanket from the laundry room, and place it over him, i kneel down at the side of him, "i love you Gary. I always did, from day one and it'll never changed." i kiss him softly on the forehead. I quitely, stand up and leave closing the door behind me. "I love you too." Gary whispers. But it's too late, I've already gone......

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