Monday, February 4, 2013

Chapter 5

Okkkk, I decided to write a quick, chapter before work, not sure if, i'll be doing another until tomorrow afternoon. But you never know, i might do one later tonight. Thank you for reading.. Leave feedback, please. @GarysCoPilot :)

* * * 2 Hour later * * *

I have been laid on Gary's bed for over 2 hours. Mark; Robbie; Howard & Jason, are all here. All i have heard is them laughing and shouting,. I am thinking they have probably drinking. About an hour ago, the takeaway came, and I'm guessing they've all ate it. To be honest, i think Gary has forgot I am up here. That's when, I here footsteps coming up the stairs, i freeze, what do i do? Should I hide? Why? I've got no reason to hide, i have done nothing wrong. I see Gary's wardrobe, as the footsteps are just outside the room, i run and hide in there. Closing the door, as the bedroom door opens.

* * * Gary's POV * * *

Shit. Where's Mark and Rob gone? Oh god. Becca. Becca is upstairs! "Dougie, where's Mark? And Rob?" He grins, for no reason, feeling a little tipsy. "Think they went upstairs mate. wh...." Howard stops, as Gary rushes out of the room, practically running upstairs, "Mark! Rob. Where the fuck are you." he shouts, running along the landing, to his bedroom, finding the door open. Gary can see two lumps under the duvet. He knows mark and rob are under there, and even if he didn't see them, he can hear them giggling, and whispering. "Oi. Get out, of my bed." he can't help but smile as he pulls the duvet back, Mark and Rob are now pretending to sleep. Gary shakes Mark a little, smirking as he does so. "get out Markie, you too Rob!" he laughs as they both get out of bed. "Come on Gaz, that's the most action that beds seen in ages anyway." Rob says giggling slightly.

* * * Becca POV * * *

Oh crap, why did i climb in Gary's smallest wardrobe, instead of going in the walkin one, i go in the smallest one. Nice! "Right lads go downstairs, i just need to change my shirt." Gaz smiles, wondering where the hell i am. I hear his footsteps coming over to the wardrobe. Oh shit... As the door opens slightly, i hold a coat hanger out with a navy, button up shirt on it. "Fuck me!" Gary squeals, i guess i made him jump.

"Gazzz, what's up man? See a ghost did ya?" Rob laughs, nudging Mark.

"Fuck off Rob, that's not even funny, no now get downstairs." Gaz smiles, and grabs the shirt. And pushes Mark and Rob out of the room, locking it behind them. He waits until he hears them go down the stairs. He walks back over to the wardrobe. Opening the door again, and pulling me out, and throwing me on the bed in one movement.

"Gary!" I grin.

"You scared the shit out of me then." he grins.

"Awww sorry, I didn't mean too, and you didn't leave me much choice on were to go, when you sent me up here two hours ago. I'm starving as well!" i snap a little. I go to continue, as Gary cuts me off, kissing me hard and roughly, i can smell the red wine on his breath, wow, it's kinda hot. I pull Gary down on top of me, running my hands up his back and one through his hair as we kiss. Gary bites down on lip, causing me to groan loudly, loving this, when Gary breaks the kiss,

"Sorry babe, gotta go, you'll be alright up here right? Just for a little while." he grins, knowing how he's turned me on again, and now he's leaving me like this.

"No. Gary. Stay. Please...." I pout at him and he just bites down on the side of my neck, and then pulls away, stands up. Pulling his shirt up and over his head, giving me a pretty good view, I can't help grin. "Stop it. Perv!" He smirks, and starts putting the navy shirt on, and buttoning it up so slowly and sexily. Which is driving me insane, I just want to pounce on him! And he knows it.

We both hear the boys shouting Gary to come downstairs, i think they've all had a few drinks, already. I want him to stay here and cuddle me, but i know he'll be going downstairs soon... Gary turns to me, "Ohhh don't look at me like that, i hate seeing you upset. Right, maybe you could come down in a hour? I'll come and get you? Maybe?"

"OK." i squeal diving into his arms, and giving him one last kiss, before he checks his self in the mirror, blows me a kiss and heads back downstairs. I fall back onto the bed, should, i wait for Gary to 'Come and get me' or should i go down myself?

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