Monday, February 4, 2013

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is here!! Short chapter. Hope you don't mind. Please you enjoy!! And Please leave feedback.. @GarysCoPilot 

Chapter 6!

*  *  * One Hour Later *  *  * 

I decide to get in the bath, i  head inside Gary on-suite bathroom, it's beautiful, it's so modern and black and white tiles, everything matches, the bath is huge, taps in the middle of the bath. I start running the bath, i decide to take all my clothes off while i'm waiting for it to fill up... Eventually its around half way when i climb into the bath. Lay back and try to relax. Try to switch my mind off. But i can't. I mean i'm in Gary Barlow's bath tub for crying out loud! Why am i feeling like this. For so long we've been friends and it's not been weird. But now. We're, we are, well we're just friends with benefits right now i guess. 

I lather myself up with shower jell and wash it off slowly, moving my hand over my neck, "ouchhhh" that's sore. Its the place Gary kept biting down onto. I smile. 

*  *  * 30 Minutes Later *  *  * 

I jump up out of the bath. And look around for towel. "Come on." I say as i open every draw and couboard. I can't find a towel anywhere. Great! Thats when I remember Gary's laundry room is just down the stairs first door, past the living room... I have to go down there. Naked. God i hope no one see's. i sneak out the bathroom heading across the landing, making sure no one is upstairs. I listen and i can't hear anyone talking. Then again it is pass midnight and they've been drinking for a good 3 hours. That's when i decide its my chance to go. I rush down the stairs, making sure i don't fall. I skip passed the living room and that's when i hear giggling. Not manly giggling, more like naughty school boy giggling. 

I open the laundry room door as fast as i can and grab out a towel. It's not a massive towel. But it'll do. For now anyway. I walk into the kitchen quietly and put the kettle on. I need a drink and something to eat. I head over to the fridge and open it and look inside. 

"SHIT!" I scream spinning around to see who's hands around on my hips. My towel falls to the ground leaving me naked... And a and a hand comes in front of my eyes. Who is it?!.....

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