Friday, February 8, 2013

Chapter 15

Here is chapter 15. Please enjoy!! :) leave feedback. @GarysCoPilot 

20 minutes later. Gary still has a solid, hard-on. He drives so fast to a closed off area, parking in a lay by...

*  *  *   GARY'S POV  *  *  *

"Ohh. FUCK. Becca!" I groan loudly. Throwing my head back against the seat. Becca is running her hand up and down my length. "Fuck!!" I growl. Oh shit.

*  *  *   BECCA'S POV   *  *  *

I squeeze Gary's length as i pull my hand up and down. Going all the way down to the base and the gripping tighter and squeezing tight each time! I grin. Seeing Gary thrusting his hips up, "FUCK!! BECCA. THAT'S IT BABE!" He hisses and then comes messily all over my hand and his own stomach. I look up at him and say "i want to taste you!" 

*  *  *   GARY'S POV  *  *  *

I lay my head back on the seat. I open my eyes slightly and see Becca lowering her head. "Oh godddd." I groan feeling becca licking my stomach seductively. Oh god why didn't i tell her sooner how i felt? We could've been doing this for months! Or even years! "Shit. Becca. Don't" i hiss being pulled from my thoughts back to reality. And to her licking up from the base of length all the way up to the tip. I groan, feeling becca sucking the tip and then taking a little bit more each time. I move my hands to the back of her head and thrust upwards roughly. I can feel myself heading to another orgasm. "Oh Becca. Stop. Please..." I don't want this to end yet. 

*  *  *   BECCA'S POV  *  *  *

I decide to ignore Gary's plea, for me to stop and i just continue. I move my hand in time with my mouth until i am taking Gary as deep as i can, he is thrusting upwards still, i can feel him throbbing in my mouth. "FUCK BECCA. I'm gunna. Argghhhh..." One final hard suck and Gary shoots load after loaded into the back of my throat!

That's when the car door flys open...

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