Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 is here.. Right this chapter, contains sexual content. So be warned ;) Please leave feedback, @GarysCoPilot.

* * * GARY'S POV * * *

Fuck sakes, i can't believe that Becca gets me this hard, and then goes to sleep, cheeky cow. I pick Becca up and place her under the covers. I get undress fully "fuck" i growl, as pulling my boxers off. How am I this hard, again. I've never been like this before, well apart from that time I....


Where the fuck is Becca? Fuck me. I know we had a lot to drink last night, but she should be ready by now, i jump out of my car, and grab the spare key from under her doormat. And open the front door, shouting for becca, but i get no response. I decide to head upstairs, after finding no one downstairs. I walk through her bedroom, i see the onsuite door closed, i place my ear at the side of the door, and i hear the shower running, i should go. Right Barlow, turn around and leave. I hear a loud groan. Fuck! I can't. I open the door slighly, and popping my head round a little, i expect to see becca hurt or something, instead, she is in the shower, her back is pressed against the wall, her head tipped back, and a I'm not sure what she has in her hand, but she's circling over her cliterous, i feel a stirring, oh shit, i look down, feeling myself stiffen, i open my trousers and pull them down slightly, i place my hand in my boxers, i wrap my hand around the base of my length and pull upwards roughly, and then back down slowly, i bite my lip to stop me from groaning.

I grip myself tighter, and i get faster, as i becca groan my name out loud, my eyes widen, wow she has the best body, she has a gorgeous body, and wow, those breasts. Wow, they're night. I start masturbating myself, harder and faster each time. "Fuck." i hiss under my breath, my breath is heavy, i close the door softly, i lay my head back on the door, and grip my length harder, as i explode all over my stomach. That's when i hear Becca, screaming, and groaning, as her orgasm flows over her.


* Back To The Present Day *

I groan, quietly as i am leaking pre-come all over the sheets, i can't lay here, like this. Not again. I get up and decided to get in the shower and sort myself out. I turn the shower on and climb in. I grab the shower gel, and lather myself up, i grab my length and leaned back against the wall, i decide to taking my time, starting off slow and getting faster each time. "Ohh god, yeah..." i groan loudly throwing my head back slight. I can feel my length starting to throb. I close my eyes tightly, keeping my hand wrapped firmly around my length. "What the fuck!" I open my eyes, feeling a warmth surrounding the tip. Becca... She just grins up at me. I keep my hand working up and down, and thrust a little forward with my hips, Becca is sucking and licking the tip of my length, before pushing my hands away totally. I move my hands to the back of her head and start pushing roughly, forward, i hold Becca's head firmly in place. "Holy Shit.. YESSSS!" i hiss.



* * * BECCA'S POV * * *

Oh fuck, this is hot. Gary is thrusting his length into my mouth, then deep into my throat, he's so close to coming and i know what will push him over the edge, I grab his balls, and roughly start massaging them and pull at the slowly. That's It, he' coming... Gary growls and groands and then shoots load after load into my mouth. He falls back against the wall, and i suck his length fully into my mouth one last time, and then stand up slowly. "I want you Gary. I want you now."

I grin and step out of the shower. I lean over the sink closing the window, when i feel Gary pushed up behind me. "Your fucking filthy you are, but i love it Becca." he grins, as i feel him stiffen against my leg. I groan, pushing back onto Gary, arching my back and turning my head, pulling my lips down on to his, i love him so so much. I feel his hands turning my back around, so I'm bent over the sink. "SHIT! GARY!" i groan as Gary thrusts deep inside me, "Fuck! Harder!" i release a loud scream, as Gary grins and starts to pick up his pace, wow, he is pushing as deep as he can go, and gets faster each time. I grip the sink tightly, my knuckles are turning white, i am gripping the sink so tightly. "Arghh! Gary!! YESSSS! I scream, and push backwards a little, impaling myself, even deeper on Gary's length, "FUCK! GARY!" I am starting to shake roughly, "Come on Becca, Come for me." he groans, and starts kissing and sucking on my neck roughly.. That's it, i can't take anymore, i scream as i convulse around Gary, he has his hands on my hips holding me up. I am nearly screaming the house down, as Gary, is just getting faster, and pounding into me, hard, he groans and gives one last thrust, he pulls out of me, spinning me around, and kissing me hard, as he shoots load after load onto my stomach and my boobs.

I grin at him, "I think we need a show now, Mr!" I kiss Gary passionately and grab his length, and walk past him, lead him by his length towards the shower. I climb in the shower, and Gary follows, this is going to be a good night...

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