Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chapter 11

Chapter 11! Wrote this on my iPhone. So if there's any mistakes i'm apologise now :) please leave feedback.. @GarysCoPilot! 

* * * GARY'S POV * * *

Fuck! Don't groan. Come on Barlow focus. Oh shit! No. Don't go higher. Becca. Stop it. I growl out loud. Becca looks at me and grins. "Are you ok Gazzz?" Markie says giving me a confused look, "Errr, yeah sorry guys. I just..." I take a deep breath. "I think Gary is just feeling a little unwell. We think it's something he ate last night." Becca says smirking. 
"Ok. If you need to leave the room then you can." 
"Errr, no i'll be fine for now." I sigh as Becca removes her hand. I can't say i'm a little disappointed she has, though even it was making me hot under the collar. 

Becca stands up and moves over towards two of the management, great. She's got two men staring down her shirt. 

* * * BECCA'S POV * * *

Ok. Right i need to tell these two men. Craig and Chris they're called. I can see them staring down my top. How can i explain my plans for the tour with them looking at me like this. Oh shit, i turn around to look at Gary. 

Bang! i look back seeing somehow my papers end up on the floor, i bend over to pick the papers up, that when i feel someone slap my arse. I spin around, stand back up seeing both the men smirking. "What the hell! Don't touch me like that ok?"
I look back towards Gary. Wow, he looks angry. I place my papers back on the desk. When someone slapping my bum again! I spin around. Pushing them away. I move backwards. Feeling someone behind me. I look up It's Gary. He pushes me back towards Rob and Mark. 

* * * GARY'S POV * * *

"Who the fuck do you think you are! Don't you ever touch her like that." I shout right in both their faces. I am fuming right now, "Woah mate. We were having some fun. She's shouldn't wear a skirt like that if she doesn't want to share the good." Chris says grinning and laughing. 

"Mate? I aint your mate!" I grab him by the throat slamming him up against the wall, "Don't you ever talk about her like that." I feel my hands tighten around his neck. "She's fucking perfect. And doesn't need sleazy men like you grabbing at her!!" 

"Gary. Stop. Please." Becca is screaming. "Gary leave it! He's not worth it. Neither of them are!" She's crying. I hate seeing her upset. I drop him to the floor. I spin around towards Becca and the rest of the lads. The lads are just staring at me. Opened mouth. Fuck.

"I'm sorry. Becca i just lost it. Them talking about you like that. Staring at you like they were and touching you. I don't like it. I hate it." I take her hand in mine pulling her towards me, i hug her so tightly. Like you'd hold a friend. "Shhh don't cry baby. It's alright." I kiss her forehead softly. 

"Lads i might take becca to starbucks to calm her down. I think it might be her time of the month." I laughs softly. Becca looks up at me as if to say cheeky git. The lads nod in agreement. I don't think they've seen me loose it like that before. 

I take Becca's hand and head outside. Leading her across to Starbucks. She giving me the we need to talk look. Oh this will be good...

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