Friday, February 8, 2013

Chapter 16

CHAPTER 16. Please enjoy :) leave feedback, twitter. @GarysCoPilot. You know what to do. Haha :) 


"FUCK!" I scream. Looking up to see a two police officers staring down at me and Gary. I shuffle back over into my seat. Gary pulls his boxers up fast, and then his trousers. "Can you both get out of the car please." I look at Gary. I'm really scared. What do we do now? Gary grabs my hand squeezing it tightly. The door at my side flys open. "Get. Out. Now!" this voice is more aggressive that the other policeman. 

I climb out of the car slowly. That's when, i feel the officer pushing me up against the car door. And putting a pair of handcuff on me. "Ouch! Fuck!" I squeal. These handcuffs are way too tight. I look up at Gary, why the hell am i being treated like shit. And he's being treated like a legend. I know he's Gary Barlow. But. What the hell. We should be treat the same. 


I see Becca being treated like a piece of dirt and i don't like it. I fucking hate it. I bite lip. Trying not to loose my cool. I ignore the copper in front of me. As i see the other one pushing becca towards there police car. He pushes her roughly, causing becca to loose her balance, and she crashes down to the ground, but not before smashing the side of her face on the backend of the police car. 

"BECCA." I shout pushing the copper in front of me out of my way. I run over to becca. I kneel down at the side of her. Turning her over. So she's in my arms. I look at her. Seeing blood pouring down her face and gash above her eye. "Gary." she whispers. "Shhh baby. I'm here!" I hold her tightly. 

I look up at the police officer that pushed my Becca. "Don't you ever fucking touch her again ok? Or you regret it mate!" I hiss through gritted teeth. "Are you threatening me mr Barlow? Threatening a police officer?" He growls. 

"Gary. Don't. Leave it please. Look at me. Leave it. Don't bite! Please." Becca looking deep into my eyes. "Ok baby. I won't." 

"I asked you a question Barlow. Did you threaten me. A police officer?" What a dick, i thought. "NO." I growl. I feel my blood boiling right now. 

I stand up and pick Becca up. Cradling her in my arms. I look at the reasonable police officer. "Look at your really going to take us to the station? I mean i'd hate to have to file a complaint to your senior about your fellow officer, assaulting my, errr my, my girlfriend." I glance down seeing becca's eyes widen and a small smile appears on her face, at the sound of me calling her my girlfriend.

The officer looks at his partner, giving him a dirty look and then moves over to us. Removing becca's handcuffs. "Ok mr Barlow. I won't mention it. And neither will he. On the condition you do not mention how she ended up like that." he offers me his hand. "Deal. Good day to you both." I smirk. Carrying becca in my arms moving passed, them and placing becca in the car. Fastening her in. I lean down and kiss her on the forehead. 

I climb in the car at my side. "Right. I'm taking you to get checked over." I start the engine ready to drive away. "Gary. I'm fine. I just need some rest. A little sleep." I see becca closing her eyes a lottle. I grab her thigh and shake her a little. "Hey baby. Keep your eyes open. Please for me. You can see later at home. After we've got you checked out." i smile to reassuring becca to trust me. "Ok, i will try to stay awake. For you. I love you Gary." she smiles. "I love you too baby." I grin. 

I drive us to the hospital. I need to make sure my baby is ok...

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