Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chapter 12

Okkk, so I think this fanfic is starting to get good. So here's chapter 12! Hope you enjoy, please leave some feedback. @GarysCoPilot :)


* * * BECCA'S POV * * *

As me and Gary sit down in a table in Starbucks, they said they'll bring our coffee's over. I look at the floor, i hate seeing Gary get that angry and upset, I feel like it was all my fault. "I'm sorry..." i feel tears burning at the back of my eyes. "Shhhh baby, it's ok. I just hate seeing men treat you like that. I get so angry..." i cut Gary off, by grabbing his hand, "I hate seeing you angry though Gary. I love you, and when your upset or angry, you loose your head, sometimes, like in there and even though, that was so hot. It was scary a little." i feel his hand lifting my chin up a bit, so we're looking into each others eyes. "You thought that was hot? That i looked hot? I will never hurt you becca, i promise. I just couldn't control myself, seeing them slapping your arse like that, i mean that's my job." he grins a little, cheeky git. "... And then when he said that about you, i just wanted to hurt him." As he was talking i remove my heel, and start moving my foot up towards his crotch, i smirk a little.

He stops and just looks me dead in the eyes, i can't read his expression. Oh, this isn't good. "Get up!" he says grabbing at my wrists. I just look at him, and smirk more. "Get. Up. Now!" he says firmly, oh shit, he's serious. "No." i giggle. "Fine then." That's when Gary pulls me up throwing me over his shoulder. "Gary, put me down!!" I squeal, slapping back playfully. Woah. Look at the view i have, ohh that arse of his is perfect. I run my hands down and squeeze his bum, bitting my lip, i decide to give it a hard slap, i giggle like a naughty school girl. Why does he make me like this? Only Gary can get me to act like this. "Woah careful." i say, as i'm put down just outside my car, how did he know i'd parked here? I always park at the furthest space away from the door, i don't know why i do it, i just do.

"Open the door." he grins, lowering his lips so he's breathing the back of my neck, i push back against him so my bum, is against his bulge. I look up at him, "Why?" i grin, that's when, i slowly take the key, from out my pocket and hold it pretending, i don't know how to use it. "Give it me. I'll do it." he grabs the key from me, opening the door, picking me up and throwing me in across the back seats. Gary jumps in, closing the door behind him, crawling up me slowly and seductively, "Ohhhh god." i moan feeling his bulge, pressing against my stomach. "i love you Gary. Oh wait, mr Barlow?" i grin naughtily.
"How much do you want me right now baby?" He growls, his lips at the side of my neck, his breath is so rapid. "I want you, so so much." I'm practically begging for him. His lips are pressed against my neck, but not kissing my neck, they're just teasing me. I groan, arching my back up, i want more, i need more! "Please! GARY!" i run my hands up and down his back softly....

* * * GARY'S POV * * *

I grin, I love seeing Becca like this, she looks so beautiful, i decide, i've teased her her long enough, i push my lips down onto her neck, kissing her neck roughly, biting at little, which leads to another groan from becca, i think she likes it. I bite her neck a little more, then planting kisses over her neck, up towards her lips, that's when Becca's hand wraps around my neck and pulls my lips down sharply onto hers. Kissing me with force, i feel her tongue pushing against my lips, and then her tongue invades my mouth, i groan loudly, my hands gripping her hips, moving up and down her sides slowly, circling my fingers slightly.

"Holy shit. Becca" i growl, as i feel Becca's hand popping open my trousers, oh great! this is her time to tease me. "You like?" She moans against my mouth. She pulls my trousers down a little, and shuffle them down, a little further, god that's good. I feel her hand in the waistband of my boxers, that's when her hand slips inside. "Oh goddddd..." I groan loudly, as Becca slowly wraps her hand around my entire length.

* * * BECCA'S POV * * *

As i grab Gary's length, he throws his head back, and groans. I move my hand slowly up and down, building up to a steady pace, i run my finger over the tip, i feel Gary's pre-come leaking all over my hand. I can feel Gary throbbing in my hand, he is shaking roughly. I smirk, knowing I'm in control. I start running my hand up and down, his length a lot faster, "Becca. Becca.... Shit Becca!! I'm about to..." That's when i stop. I pull my hand away from Gary, and stop him from riding his orgasm out. "BITCH!" He growls, "you are going to regret that." i groan as Gary bites down on my collar bone. "Ouch! Gary! That hurt!" he grins at me. "Like i said, time for payback..."

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