Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chapter 25

Chapter 25!! Okkk so this chapter is rather sexual. Please if you don't like these scene's then don't read on. Please leave feedback. @GarysCoPilot. 

*  *   One Hour Later   *  * 

*   GARY'S POV   *

Me and Becca. Have just had the best meal ever. She is so funny and sexy. I can't stop thinking, why we didn't do this sooner. I love this woman so much. And i have been a fool not to tell her sooner. Over the last hour, i've found myself. Staring at Becca's chest. That dress. Oh my god it's hot. It's clearly to entice me and it's working. I know becca is talking to me but i can't even responded. Mentally i am talking to those boobs. 

"Gary! Were you listening to a word i've just said?" 
I snap my head up, "Yeah. Course Becca i was. And i think you should do it" I smile, acting casual. What have i told her to do though? 
"Gary. I said i was saying i'm going have sex with everyman in here. I new you weren't listening!" She smirks. 
"What the fuck! No way, are you shagging any man in here. Your mine. All mine!" I grin.  
Becca giggles. "Well thanks for saying i can't then. And stop staring at my chest! Gary later you'll be able to 'Do What You Like'." Becca giggles. 
"Becca. I'm gunna punish you for that. And yep later those puppies are all mine." I grin and stand up. "Come on baby. It's time to go, i'm err ready to go." I grin. 

*   BECCA'S POV   *

Holy shit. My eyes are fixed on the bulge in Gary's trousers, as he stands up. I think i'm stuck to my seat. I can't move. I just stare at him, he's wearing tight trousers but. They've got a lot tighter in since early. 

"Stop it Perv!" He grins. And practically pulls me out of my seat. 
"I'm sorry. But that looks hard." I grin and brush myself against Gary crotch softly. 
"Stop. It." He nearly groans out. 
"What? Gary i haven't done anything wrong!" I smirk. And graze myself against Gary harder this time. 
"Becca. Stop it. Your going to get a spanking!" He smirks.
"Is that a promise?" I grin as Gary holds my hand as we leave. The press are flashing their camera's so much at us. Gary pulls me into his chest and wraps his arms around me tightly. Somehow we manage to get in the car. I snuggle into Gary. I could be in his arms forever. 

Before i know it. We're home. Gary picks me up and carry's me into the house. "One day baby i'll be doing this after our wedding." He smiles. I grin so much, so he wants to marry me, i think which makes me so happy. 

Gary carry's me all the way upstairs. Putting me down just outside his bedroom. The doors closed. I open the door and see a bottle of champagne in ice. Rose petals all over the bed and melted chocolate and strawberries on the side table. I smile so much and turn around. 

"Gary. I love you so much. I can't believe you did all this." I smile and kiss Gary passionately. I wrap my arms around his neck. As Gary's hands move to my hips. And pull my legs upwards, leading me to wrapping them around his waist. "Do you like it baby?" He groans and moves his lips from mine, down to my neck, and bites down roughly, i groan loudly. As Gary places me on the bed. My arms and legs are still around his neck and back. 

"I want you. Gary i need you." I moan as he continues with his lips biting and kissing my neck. 
"I love you Becca. And i want you more." He groans. I grab Gary's suit jacket an throw it on the floor. I remove his tie. I open his shirt as Gary removes my dress. And throws it on the floor. He growls at the sight of me laid in my underwear. 
"You like?" I grin. 
"Like? I fucking love it. Now get it off." He growls and practically tares my pants off, and unhooks my bra. And throws it on the floor. Gary rips his own shirt off and removes his trousers and boxers so fast. I grin. We're laid on the rose petals. This is so so romantic. "I'm going to make love to you baby." He whispers. And presses his lips against mine. 

*   GARY'S POV   *

I'm pressed just against becca's entrance. I slowly ease my way inside her, she groans in pleasure. Running her hand through my hair.  I kiss her softly as i push myself deeper inside her. I ease my way in and out of becca. I'm not thrusting my hips, i'm circling them.  It's more intense and sexual. I place my hands on becca's side. And move my fingers up and down seductively. Perfectly in time with my hips. I love this woman so much. I'm going to show her just how much  

"Gary. Ohh yessss babe." Se groans. I feel becca's heart beating faster and her breaths are becoming short. She is groaning. Slightly moving her hips under me. I increase my pace. So now i'm moving my hips forward and side ways slightly. "Shit. Gary! YES!" Becca groans and pulls my lips down on to her's, i thrust roughly into her fully. Becca screams and bites down on my lip. She is starting to shake and moan, i groan, feeling myself starting to throb. I start thrusting him hips forward. Roughly as hard as i can. Deeper and deeper each time. Becca is groaning and moaning. "Gary. Please!!" She screams. "Let go. Becca, let go." I growl, as she shakes uncontrollably and reaches her climax. As i thrust two to three more times and explode inside becca. I collapse down onto her. She groans and kisses my neck softly. 

I roll over and lay at the of side of becca. We're laid on top of the covers and the rose petals are everywhere. I close my eyes softly. "That was fucking amazing!" I groan. 

*   BECCA'S POV   *

I smile. Gary's right. That was fucking amazing. I grab the melted chocolate, and slowly put some of it over Gary's chest. I'm on my knee's, i lean over and lick the chocolate off of Gary's chest. He groans loudly. I move down the bed a little and take Gary's length in my hand and pour the chocolate all over it. "Becca. Please." He groans. 

I lick fully up the length and then i suck him deep into my mouth and throat. I'm sucking all the chocolate off Gary's length. I such hard up and down Gary's length. All a while he is groaning and thrust his hips upwards, which i'm loving a lot. He's starting to throb in my throat, "SHIT BECCA. I'm gunna..."  Gary groaning so loud and explodes, shooting his load deep into my throat. I swallow all what Gary gave me. And slowly move back up the bed towards him. 

"I love you Gary." I grin. 
"I love you too becca. More than you'll ever now." I grin. Gary is completely spent. I lay my head on his chest and close my eyes. I feel Gary wrap his arms around me tightly. 


I've been laid with my eyes closed, Gary thinks i'm asleep, i'm half asleep but half not. When he starts speak. 

"Becca. You'll never understand how much i actually love you. From day one i fell for you. That first day you came in those hot pants and a white vest top. You looked so sexy, you probably thought i'd never notice you. But i was only looking at you. I love you. I always have. Your my life. I never want to be without you. I want to marry you one day. Any maybe One day you'll understand how much i actually love you." he sighs softly. 

"I understand. I feel the same. I really do." I whisper not opening my eyes, Gary kisses the top of my head. And squeezes me in his arms. 

I fall asleep with a smile on face and i know Gary does too...

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