Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chapter 19

Chapter 19. You might think this chapter is boring, compared to the previous one ;) Please leave feedback, @GarysCoPilot

* The Following Morning *

Holy shit. I open my eyes slowly and sit up, resting my back against the headboard, the sheets are damp. What the fuck happened last night? God my head is pounding, my body is sore. And my neck is stinging so bad. I lean up to glance in the mirror at the other side of the room, seeing a huge love bite on the side of my neck. "Ouch." I groan loudly, i can feel muscles i never knew i had, hurting me. I look to the left of me, Gary's fast asleep, awwww look how cute he is. God i love this man so so much. How can i hide this from him though, he deserves to know, about what i did, how wrong it was. Oh god, he is going to hate me. He might think i am so type of weirdo, a stalker, and i don't want that.

Gary wriggles around in bed and then turns over on his side, so he is facing me, he opens his eyes softly, rubbing them a little. "Hey sexy." i grin at him. "Morning beautiful, how long have you been awake?" he places his hand on mine. "Not that long baby, just about 5 or 10 minutes. Gary i need to...." he cuts me off, "Baby, i need to tell you something." he looks upset, no he can't, i have to say my piece first. "Gary. Wait! Please, i need to tell you this. Last year, one of the nights i stay at yours, you went to bed, and i came up to find you, but you were errr, masturbating. And i didn't leave the room, i just watched you. I couldn't help it, i just..." i look down, i feel tears streaming down my face, i never meant to stay watching him.


I take a deep breath and then burst out laughing. "It's not funny Gary. I'm really sorry." i grab becca and pull her into my chest, wrapping my arms around her tightly. "Becca it's fine. By the way, i knew you were there. I'm not stupid. I knew you were there watching me, it kinda got me more turned on." i smirk. "I have something to tell you though Becca. You might not like it either." Becca gives me a questioning look.

"OK Barlow, tell me!" she smirks, i just grin.

"Becca. Around 2 years ago, we went out one night and got really pissed, well i said i was taking you to breakfast the next morning, and for once i remembered and came to pick you up..." becca looks confused. "Ok long story short. I got in your house to find you, walked in on you in the shower and you were, errr you were..." that's when Becca cuts me off.



"Fuck." i go bright red, as Gary starts giggling. "Oh wait, I remember, because you stood with your head peaked around the door, watching me too. You were so loud, i couldn't not you were there" Gaz freezes.

"Wait, Becca, you knew i was masturbating over you that day too?" My eyes widen, "What? You masturbated that morning? When?" Gary just grins, i nudge him roughly. "Err, at he exact time you were touching yourself, groaning my name!" he grins. I roll on top of Gary, "i think you need to be punished Gary. You've been a bad boy. And to punish you, no sex" i grin.

I jump out of the bed, and the realise i'm totally naked, Gary's eyes widen, and a massive grin appears on his face. I grab a clean pair of his boxers and one of his top and put them on. "Babe, i could easily rip them off you." he smirks. "You'll have to catch me first." that's when i run out of the room, downstairs. Gary gets out of bed putting his boxers on slowly, and then comes after me, Gary chases me into the kitchen, catching me, and pulling me into his arms, i kiss him softly, running my hands through his hair.

When Gary stops, the smile is wiped off his face. I turn around, to look at whatever Gary is. "How the fuck did you get in here?" Gary growls. Wrapping his arms tightly around me.

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