Monday, February 4, 2013

Chapter 4

Heyaaaaaa, ok so this is chapter 4. Might be a little boring. But it's just setting the plot for next few chapters :) hope you enjoy. Leave feedback good or bad.. @GarysCoPilot.

* * * *
A hour later, we're at Gary place. His huge house, i'm sat on his cream leather sofa. I'm nervous, it's awkward at the moment. Me and Gary have hardly spoke since getting back to his. He decided he was hungry, so he's ordered Chinese food.
Gary walks into the room holding two glass of red wine. I take one sitting back on the sofa. I take a large drink. Gary sits next to me. Turning inwards to look at me, i feel his eyes almost boring into me. I know i have to talk to him. But i can't keep saying how i feel when i am getting nothing back.

"Gary, i, i..." I sigh. "I'm sorry." I put my glass on the table. I place my hand on Gary's thigh.
"Becca, you have nothing to be sorry for. I just want to know. Why you didn't tell me sooner!" He places his hands over mine.
"I was scared. I didn't want to loose you and then when you met Victoria, i knew i'd lost my chance. Well i thought i'd lost my chance." I feel my hands shaking slightly. I see Gary's trousers tightening, he lowers his gaze a little. And leans in towards me, kissing me softly. Then pulling back. "You'll never loose me." He grins.
I rub my hands up and down Gary's thigh slight. I see him tilt his head back a little. His mouth open slightly. I grin but then stop. Removing my hand and pulling away a little.
"Gary. Is this to fast?"
"Too fast? We've had Sex before a first date. Maybe.." He stutters. "Do you want to, err go on like dates?"
"I do, but Gaz we know each other inside out there isn't anything new we could learn about each other." I am looking Gary dead in the eyes. He is so gorgeous. I can hear Gary talking but the words i don't know. I'm in love with this beautiful man. I want to kiss him, should i lean in? Kiss him Becca. Kiss him....
"Becca! Are you even listening to me?" Gary snaps.
"Errr, yeah. Course i am!" I'm clearly lying, i'm in a daze just staring into his eyes. "Don't lie to me becca! I know your not listening. And stop it! Have i got something on my face?"

I smirk "yes you have. I'll remove it for you!" I grin, and move in towards Gary pushing him back on the sofa. So he's laid on his back. I am straddling his thighs. I can feel his length stiffen beneath me, i place my hand on Gary's cheek and run it across his stubble, while i move in and kiss him softly, moving my hand round the back of his neck, and running my hand through his hair. Gary's hands move down my back and grip my thighs, pushing my hips down so i'm grinding and grating on his length. I groan loudly, and move my lips down to Gary's neck and take bites and then plant little kisses over the bites.
I start buttoning Gary's shirt, trying to get it open fast. But struggling. That's when Gary's hands lift me up and flip me on my back. "Sorry baby, i couldn't wait!"

I groan loudly. Feeling Gary biting down on my neck, i can feel him smirking, as i moan, feeling he's wanting me as much as i am wanting him. I start opening Gary's belt, i pull it off and throw it down. As there's a loud banging on the door. "Leave it! Gary. Leave it." I try to pull Gary back towards me and kissing him. He grins and then peaks through the window. And then snaps his neck back around towards me "Oh shit. Becca. You need to hide. Errr. Go upstairs. I'll come up and get you when i've got rid of them!"
I stand up and stop at the room door, and just pout at Gaz. "Becca. Please! Just go upstairs!" Gary grabs my wrist and pushes me towards the stairs. "Fine!" I snap. Turning around and running upstairs.

I crouch down at the top of the stairs, as gary opens the door. I hear him laughing straight away. And then i hear other voices. 1; 2? more? I can't make out who they are. Until i hear Gary say "what? no they're not love bites! shut up Dougie! Hey Rob, Mark. Get down here! Your not going upstairs! Yet!" He laughs.

I rush into Gary bedroom. I jump in his bed. What is with Gary! One minute he's on top of me kissing me. And now he pushes me upstairs so his friends. But i know the boys. Not like i know Gary but i still know them. Doesn't he want to be with me? Argghhhhh, sometimes i want to hit my head against the wall. I love him. But does he have any feelings for me? Other than friendship?!

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