Monday, February 18, 2013

Chapter 26

Okkk so here is chapter 26. Slightly soppy/cute/sweet. I'm not sure haha ;) please leave feedback, @GarysCoPilot. 

*  *  * 

I groan and turn over in bed. Wow. My back is aching right now. Gary woke me up during the night, he was horny and hard, so we had sex. Hard sex. I rub my eyes and slide up the bed. So i'm leaning against the headboard. I look at Gaz and see him grinning and tucking into the strawberries. 

"Morning beautiful..." he grins biting into a strawberry. 
"Good morning sexy, can i have one then?" I smile. 
"That depends on what you want?" Gaz smirks.
"A strawberry cheeky. You had everything last night." I grin. And lean over Gary to grab one. Which i eat seductively, trying not to giggle. I move tighter into Gary. 
"Fuck. Becca. Stop that." 
"What? Stop what?" I whisper nibbling on Gary's earlobe. 
"Becca you know what. Sucking on that strawberry. Oohhh shit. And that nibbling my fucking ear!" He growls. I grin and lay my head down onto Gary's chest. He wraps his arms around me tightly. 

"You know Becca. Last night, it was amazing. You were amazing. I love you." He grins.
"what was your favourite part?" I smile at him. 
"Oh i think you know. The blowjob was the best. You can do it again, any time!" He grins and leans down tilting my chin up and kisses me softly. I grin and engage in his kiss. Placing my hands on his stomach and tapping them against him softly. "I love you Gary. And stop tensing. You have a gorgeous body either way though." I grin and snuggle into Gary. "You wanna go out for breakfast baby? Local pub? I'll pay." I grin. "Yeah ok, but seeing as Your paying mrs, i'm having everything. Full english. Large. Extra toast." He grins and slides out of the bed. "Ok ok. Don't make the most of it though, you know what i'm like with money." I grin, Gary knows i only buy essentials, what i need. 

"Baby you need to realise you only live once, and money will come and go, so just enjoy it." He smiles pulling a pair of boxers on and a beige pair of chinos. "Alright i will try. Starting by taking you shopping, after breakfast?" I smile. 
"What? Nope i am fine. I don't need any new clothes or anything." He groans pulling his light blue top on with a slight v neck showing his chest hair off. 
"Gary! You always buy everyone else. But you never let anyone buy you. I want too. Please?" I grin and climb out of bed. I'm totally naked. "Please? Let me." I smirk. 
"Oh fuck. Ok. How can i say no to you when your, naked!" He smiles and grabs my arms and pulls me forward kissing me hard. I run my hands through his hair before breaking away from the kiss. "I better get ready." i grin and head to the bathroom..

*  *  30 MINUTES LATER  *  *

Me and Gary are in our local pub. He has ordered a large brunch. Which i think it's for people who just want chips with breakfast. Gary thinks the same. And i've ordered a normal breakfast. 
"This is sweet baby, i love spending quality time with you." He grins, taking a sip of tea. 
"I know. It's more special now when we're together." I stop seeing a group of girls giggling and looking over towards Gary. They defiantly know who he is. "What's up baby?" 
"I think those girls over there want you to say hello." I smile being totally use to this by now. People love Gary and Gary adores his fans more than anything. "I'll go ad say hello then, shall i?" He grins standing up, i nod to him. 

I watch him for about 10-15 minutes. He is so amazing with them. They've all had photo's and autographs, and now he's talking to them, like he's known them for years. I grin, i love seeing him this happy. I notice Gary leading them over towards me, "so girls i thought i'd introduce you to my gorgeous girlfriend." He grins and pulls me up to feet. They're all giggling. "Oh my god your so lucky. Is he good in bed?" One of them says. I look at Gary who says "answer carefully baby." He winks. 
"Yup. He is amazing in bed. Goes for hours. All night some times too..." I grin and they are all giggle and start asking me very naughty questions about Gary and how big he is. Does he have a high sex drive. Today is going to be a fun day...

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